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29.01.2021 | Ověřený zákazník
Celkový názor:
Spokojenost, zbozi dorazilo rychle.
17.01.2021 | Ověřený zákazník
Zboží je velmi kvalitní, jsem velice spokojená, komunikace je velmi příjemná a nákup rychlý.
12.01.2021 | Ověřený zákazník
Celkový názor:
Vše naprosto perfektní, velká ochota. Z éterických olejů jsem nadšená.



WINTER 2020/2021

- Christmas packages are a popular solution for most of us and as every year, this year we have mixed fragrant Yasminka sets with a Christmas atmosphere from our best products.

- Choosing Christmas sets will make your pre-Christmas shopping easier

- Packages are assembled in several variants for special Christmas prices, which can only be purchased during this period.

- Don't forget that in addition to these packages, your loved ones can also be presented with Yasminka gift vouchers, the validity of these gift vouchers is 12 months, so you will have enough time to choose something fabulous (applies to Yasminka products, also seminars, Yasminka worshops aj.)

This year, after very thorough work with love and joy, we have mixed these Christmas packages full of scents, love, happiness and joy for you.

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