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perfektní kvalita zboží, skvělý výběr, fajn komunikace, dodání obratem
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naprostá spokojenost
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Spokojenost s vysokou kvalitou a přístupem.
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Yasminka nabízí produkty zcela originální a 100% kvalitní.

Yasminka Foundation

The Yasminka Foundation was created at the initiative of its founder, Mrs. PhDr. Hana Tavlaridis (Šimčíkové) - CEO Yasminka and with the support of the patron of the endowment fund of the presenter, actress Esterka Janečková and director of the foundation Jana Jochmanová.

From the beginning, the Yasminka foundation aims to help children and people with serious skin diseases (e.g. called butterfly wing disease, etc.) and full-fledged assistance in cooperation with important dermatological and specially pedagogical centres of children's schools, clinics and hospitals in the Czech Republic.

Butterfly wing disease (Epidermolysis bullosa) is an incurable skin disease that is manifested mainly on the skin, on which blisters or cracks are formed with minimal mechanical load.

Down syndrome (DS) is not a disease in the classical sense, it is a genetic anomaly with consequences for life. Down syndrome is accompanied by a number of typical symptoms in the apparent (obliquely perched eyes, lower figure, short neck), susceptibility to certain diseases (altered thyroid function, respiratory tract diseases, heart defects, decreased immunity, visual and hearing disorders), mental retardation of varying degrees.

The purpose of the Endowment Fund is to provide financial, material, humanitarian, legal, professional, professional or educational support and assistance to disabled, socially or economically disadvantaged individuals or groups in the Czech Republic and abroad. More information can be found on the online portal
· Evening with mole - charity events in favour of oncology-ill children
· Miss mama - Beauty contest for mothers on the maternity leave.
· Miss tehulka - Beauty contest for future mothers.

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