Aromatherapeutical Cosmetics YASMINKA 

All cosmetics are made thanks to thousands years old oriental recipes, which come mainly from raw materials from the Maghreb region (North Africa - (Morocco, Tunisia, Algiers, Egypt) ​and Portugal.
Natural cosmetics offer you ideal care for your body and soul. Modern scientific research uses valuable natural ingredients and knowledge of ancient cultures. Hammam (spa) is evidence of the remains of centuries-old oriental traditions in the area of body beauty. The result is high-quality cosmetic products and oils for aromatherapy and massage, providing effective and balanced care for the whole body and soul. Our products do not contain petroleum products (paraffin liquidum), refined oils, synthetic dyes, artificial perfumes, preservatives and GMO materials. ​
Try our Argan oil of the highest organic quality! We import it directly from Morocco from a trustworthy company that cares about the storage of argan fruits, is clean and 100% natural. For the quality of our argan oil, we have won the Beppa 2011 award - to see them in the Certificates section. It contains special essential oil of Argan tree. ​
We are not only the intermediary of cosmetics across another European country, but we are direct importers of the manufacturer of natural aromatherapy cosmetics, thus preserving the highest quality, at much more affordable prices. In the e-shop you will not find all the products we offer. Some belong mainly to "professionals"" in the field - SPA, welness, massage and beauty centers. If you would like to cooperate with us, do not hesitate to contact us. We will provide professional training for you and we will prepare a wholesale price list for you based on your trade certificate. For masseuses and beauticians we provide professional training, which will open up new possibilities in the field of cosmetics, wellness and spa centers inspired by the mystical world of the distant world of the Orient. ​
A scanner or laser is used to identify goods through a bar code that does not have a positive effect on natural organisms and can also affect its energy value. Yasminka goods are arising from purely natural, living ingredients. We want to provide our customers and users of natural products with quality free of external influences - for this reason, Yasminka packaging is not provided with a bar code.