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01.01.2022 | Barbora S.
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super, krásné voňavé zboží, srdečný přístup, vše jak má být :-)
20.12.2021 | Lenka P.
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Rychlost dodání , velký výběr , krásně vše voní , veliká spokojenost.
09.12.2021 | Dagmar F.
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Výrobky jsou kvalitní, skvělý výběr, rychlé dodání. Doporučuji.

 GDPR Consent

What does Your Consent to the Processing of Personal Data in Orders Mean? ​

We process the personal data obtained in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 May 2016 on the protection of individuals with a view to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data [2]. 4. 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation, hereinafter referred to as "GDPR")) and in accordance with Act No. 101/2000 Coll. on the Protection of Personal Data, the Civil Code and other related legislation. ​

Purpose of processing personal data ​

We process personal data both for legal reasons and on the basis of your consent. ​

The legal reasons for the processing of personal data are related to the conclusion of a contract for the contract or the supply/sale of goods. In order for the contract to be validly concluded, we need to know your identification data (first name, surname, address). In order to send you your order, we need to know your e-mail. Because of unpredictable changes in the organization of traffic (e.g. change of traffic, change of organization due to weather change, change of internal conditions in the company, etc.), we need to know your phone. ​

Since some offers include discounts for clients, it is necessary to keep data on contingent persons in companies (first name, surname, phone position, etc.). ​

Based on your consent, we also process your e-mail, contact details for sending our services, catalogues, promotional offers, etc. and to participate in customer discounts and offers, when a discount is available according to the quality of the cooperation. ​

For a more detailed definition of the concept of personal data processing, please refer to Article 4 of the second GDPR. ​

Scope of personal data processed ​

The term "personal data" includes all data that enables or facilitates the identification of an individual. ​

The identification data we process for a natural person is mainly data such as first name, surname, position in the company, e-mail and telephone, in the case of the entrepreneur-natural person it is also the Voter ID and business number (activity of ​

company). For distance contracts, the processed data is, for example, the IP address of the computer used. ​

Contact information means contact addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses. ​

Time of processing of data ​

Data shall be processed for as long as is strictly necessary for the purposes of the processing of such data. If the personal data we hold no longer fits for any of the necessary purposes, the data will be deleted. ​

If the personal data was provided with your consent, then after the withdrawal of this consent, such personal data will be deleted, if the consent has been granted for a fixed period, the personal data will be deleted after this period, unless your consent is revoked earlier. We may process data about the granting or withdrawal of consent for a period appropriate to their processing. The purpose is to demonstrate on what basis the personal data were processed. If the statutory regulation provides for a longer period for the processing of personal data, the personal data communicated by you will be processed for a period specified by law. These are mainly the Accounting Act, the Tax Code, the Archival Act and others. ​

Customer rights ​

As a data controller, we tell you that in addition to having the right to refuse to give consent to the processing of personal data (other than the legal personal data necessary for the conclusion of the contract), you are also entitled to: ​

1. Request access to the personal data we process about you. Upon your request, you will be issued with a confirmation that your personal data are being processed. If this data is processed, you have the right to access it and other information under Article 15 of the GDPR. ​

2. Request the rectification or addition of personal data if they do not correspond to the facts or are incomplete. ​

3. Request the erasure of your personal data pursuant to Article 17 GDPR. In connection with this, you have a so-called the right to oblivion, when you tell us that you no longer wish to process your personal data and at the same time ask for the erasure of all personal data that we process about you. You will reaffirm this consent in the received e-mail from our Company, all your personal data will be deleted except for personal data that we must hold for a statutory period of time. ​

4. Require restrictions on the processing of personal data in accordance with Article 18 GDPR.5. Request the release of data processed by us in a format that is commonly used, structured and machine-readable. You have the right to dispose of the data thus passed on in accordance with Article 20 of the GDPR. ​

 5. You have the right to object to the processing of your personal data on the grounds that your particular situation is in accordance with Article 21 of the GDPR. When exercising the above rights, we will inform you immediately within 30 days. In exceptional cases and in view of the complexity or number of applications, the period may be extended up to 60 days. In case of doubt as to your identity, we may ask you to provide the necessary information to verify your identity. If no action is taken, we are obliged to inform you of this fact without undue delay, but no later than 30 days. This information will also include a justification for why no action has been taken. If your requests are unfounded or manifestly disproportionate due to their repetition, the Controller may measure a reasonable fee taking into account the administrative costs associated with providing the requested information or may refuse to comply with the request. This authorisation is obtained by our Company as the controller of your personal data from Article 12 GDPR. In case of your belief that we process the personal data you provide unlawfully or otherwise violate your rights, you have the possibility to obtain protection