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01.01.2022 | Barbora S.
Celkový názor:
super, krásné voňavé zboží, srdečný přístup, vše jak má být :-)
20.12.2021 | Lenka P.
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Rychlost dodání , velký výběr , krásně vše voní , veliká spokojenost.
09.12.2021 | Dagmar F.
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Výrobky jsou kvalitní, skvělý výběr, rychlé dodání. Doporučuji.

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 Basic training

You will be trained by a professional professional team, certifications and work manuals are a matter of course.​

Professional training for beauticians​

Designed for beauticians and masseurs within the framework of full body treatments.​
You will get acquainted with skin therapy, which solves the issue of dry, T-zones, sensitive, mixed and fatty skin.​
With therapy dealing with the venous skin, acne, smoothing of existing wrinkles and wrinkle prevention.​
All procedures are framed on a natural basis, with visible changes already after a few minutes on the base of aromatherapy effects, argan therapy, extracts from cacti, rare clays, rocks and flowers from North Africa.​
Appropriate treatment of eczema, pigment spots, vitiliga, psoriasis, warts, etc.​

Professional training - balneo therapy, body wraps and therapy​

Designed for beauticians, masseurs and physiotherapists​
You will get acquainted with body therapies, which solve the overall balance of minerals and trace elements in our body with clay wraps, reduction of acne, eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis.​
We will train you the innovation of solving the issue of arthrosis, rheumatism, gout based on our products with seaweed-thalassotherapy (cool mud wraps, warm mud wraps...).​
Original procedures slimming, elimination of cellulite, pronounced strengthening of the skin (using Moroccan clay, hammam therapies, special products, etc.)​
Cosmetic treatment of the body with special oriental therapy - Moroccan jasmine, green tea, rare vanilla or Arabic coffee.​

Professional training - hair, oriental, and argan therapies

Designed for hairdressers.​
You will learn to make your clients experience unique moments in the arms of nature with the purest plant extracts and leave the salon filled by energy... and with beautiful, healthy hair!​
You will get acquainted with a special relaxing massage that enhance blood supply to the scalp, which takes away the accumulated negative energy and tension, this massage helps to prevevent headaches and positively acts on the growth and quality of hair.​
You will get acquainted with three basic hair therapies that will help you solve the issue of dandruff, sebolism in the hair, greasy hair and, above all, hair regeneration, intense hair bark on a natural basis (hair shine, restoration of natural hair structure). 
​Hair regeneration we achieve by the application of bio hair shampoo, hair clays, hair cosmetics oils including rare argan oil, Arabic jasmine and oriental herbs.

Yasminka training takes place​

In the center of Yasminka, Dobrovskýho 1367, Kyjov 69701 (okr. Hodonín).​
By appointment - courses "tailored" directly at your spa or wellness and spa centers.​

Every two months of basic training + according to the interest of one professional even in the capital city of Prague.