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01.01.2022 | Barbora S.
Celkový názor:
super, krásné voňavé zboží, srdečný přístup, vše jak má být :-)
20.12.2021 | Lenka P.
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Rychlost dodání , velký výběr , krásně vše voní , veliká spokojenost.
09.12.2021 | Dagmar F.
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Výrobky jsou kvalitní, skvělý výběr, rychlé dodání. Doporučuji.

 Training conditions

Yasmina Czech L.t.d.​
Valid as of 1.4.2020​
Courses and training organized by Yasmina Czech L.t.d. take place at the following places:​
- at the Yasminka plant in Kyjov (okr. Hodonín), Dobrovskeho 1367​
- in El fell studio in Velké Přílepy, Plachtova 941​
- in Prague in Vinohrady, Na Šafránce 1771, in the former Ayurvedic Centre​
- by appointment in advance in the premises of the client (salons, wellness centers, spa centers, etc.)​
Participation in the course is possible only after completing the binding application by the interested party and by sending either the mail to individual business representatives organizing the company (or by e-mail to the premises of the organising company: or by sending a post recommended to the address of the premises of the organizing company (Yasmínka, Dobrovskeho 1367, 697 01 Kyjov). By completing this application, the candidate agrees to the Terms and Conditions of Training of Yasmina Czech L.t.d.​
Training and courses are charged, the exchange rates can only be paid on the spot and on the day of the course. Another payment method must be agreed in advance only with the owner or business manager of the organising company. The prices of courses include trained specialist lecturers, use of teaching equipment (towels, cosmetic products, etc.), used material, issue of a certificate of course completion, working manuals, small refreshments, or. room rental and other possible costs associated with holding a training or course.​
Cancellation of the binding application without penalty is possible no later than 10 working days before the execution of the course (on this day must already be delivered) only by writing either in writing either by e-mail to individual business representatives organising the company or by sending a post recommended to the address of the establishment holding the company (Yasmínka, Dobrovskeho 1367, 697 01 Kyjov)., unless otherwise agreed with the sales representative, owner or business manager of the organising company. In the event that the candidate who has completed the binding application does not appear for a training or course, he will be issued an invoice for a cancellation fee of CZK 500. This fee includes a pro rata portion of the cost of renting space, transport, administration and other costs associated with holding the relevant training or course.​
In Kyjovo on 01.5.2019                                                                                 ​

Yasmina Czech s.r.o.